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Koffie's coffee workshop is an one day coffee workshop in the center of the Laos Coffee Capital Paksong.

In short:

The coffee workshop contains 2 parts.
A highly informative coffee tour and a hands on roasting tutorial.

The coffee tour is a highly informative tour with an overload of information about coffee growing, harvesting, processing and quality of coffee around the world. Seen from a Laos and an European perspective.
The organic Arabica coffee plantations we visit are all at an elevation from around 1300 meters above sea level.

In the afternoon is the roasting part where you learn how to roast coffee traditional in a wok (Oldschool), from this coffee you get one bag with your own roasted coffee to "bring back home".


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Koffie's Coffee workshop Paksong
Since Paksong is a very quiet, rural Lao place, as a visitor you will appreciate a friendly European face who can help you enjoy your stay with a unique concept called Koffie's Coffee Workshop.

The Laos Coffee Workshop in Paksong
Hands on coffee experience
We offer you a very informative coffee tour in the middle of the coffee growing fields. In the afternoon we teach you how to wok roast coffee and you will bring home your wok roasted coffee, all for 180.000 kip including your wok roasted coffee ).
Coffee Plantations
At 10.00 a.m. we start with a fresh coffee and we go to our organic coffee plantation where you'll see the beautiful bright green broad-leaved arabica in the rich volcanic red earth soil and get a real flavor of the coffee growing atmosphere AND the real flavor of real coffee!

Picking by hand
You'll also get a look at the machines involved in the husking process that take off the outer shell.  In the harvesting season we also show you the drying processes that take place following the picking by hand, which provides Bolaven villagers with an important and relatively high paying source of income for their lives during the season.
Wok roasted coffee
After the lunch break at 2.00 p.m. you'll learn how to roast small amounts green arabica beans yourself and brew the coffee fresh from the field into a steaming cup of very flavorful, very aromatic java. During the day you can drink coffee as much as you want.
Koffies Coffee
A relaxed, helpful guided tour, finishing about 4 p.m.  We recommend you to stay in Paksong area in one of the many guesthouses

(Koffies Coffee is located IN the village Paksong) Map of Paksong
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Helen from England : "I had a great day, we set off to the plantation in the back of a truck, as the workers would do, ate breakfast there, saw the different types of plantations and coffee plants, went back for an amazing lunch and learnt how to roast our own coffee. I can't wait to show off to my mates when I get home! I can roast my own coffee, how cool is that!?!"
Bolaven Plateau
Koffies Coffee is located in the center of the Bolaven Plateau at an elevation from around 1300 Meters on the mainroad Pakse - Attapeu.
If you'd like to let us know when you are coming, just send a message via the contact page, or use WhatsApp.
Small Coffee Plantations.
The Dutchman Koffie was traveling in Asia, visited Tibet and lived in Thailand a couple of years and bought some coffee in Paksong to roast and ship to people around the world. The nickname Koffie was given at age 2 when he started drinking the leftover coffee from his mother's coffee cup.
It was in Paksong on a coffee buying trip that Koffie fell in love with the local coffee trader, daughter of a big family with several small coffee farms.
When Koffie visited Paksong as a traveller he recognized the need for a coffee workshop in the coffee capital of Laos and had an excellent excuse to develop one at the moment he was married and became a resident of Laos.

This is truly a coffee center of the world tour given by a coffee lover named Koffie.

Koffie speaks fluent English, German, Dutch and reasonable Polish.  He's working on his Lao every day.

Booking or Reservation.
Please make your booking or reservation by telephone or by email so that we know you are comming, see the contact page.

Travel info.

In short: Use any transportation from Pakse to Paksong, its in Paksong on the mainroad, just 200 meters after the hospital, but then on the right hand side.
Red coffee berries in Paksong
Laos Coffee in Paksong
our organic coffee farm during a coffee workshop
won and coffee in the laos coffee plantation in paksong laos
Coffee Workshop Paksong, Coffee Capital of Laos
Short travel info:
Drive to Paksong, on the mainroad in Paksong, 200 meters after the hospital is Won Coffee on the right hand side.
I can roast my own coffee

Fresh roasted Lao Coffee in Paksong
Freshly roasted Lao coffee in Paksong
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Free WiFi in Paksong
Nowadays there are many places with free internet.
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