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Hidden in the jungle from Paksong district there are some huge waterfalls which are a must to see, but they are for experienced trekkers only, and a good shape is absolute necesery.
Combined with a guide this is the oportunity to learn more about the real jungle life in Laos.


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Map Paksong
Extreme trekking at the bolaven plateau
Extreme trekking into the Bolaven Jungle
This extreme trekking brings you to the hilly edge of the Bolaven Plateau in the south of Laos, located 7 kms from the Ho Chi Minh trail between Paksong and Attapeu in the deep jungle.
During a 3 to 5 days trek you walk and climb into the deep jungle from the Bolaven Plateau and explore different waterfalls in a private/Bolaven owned area from 10.000 Ha. You will be one with the unspoiled nature, all nature elements and animals who are living there, most of the times at places where nobody was before.
The Bolaven owner is an experienced English speaking farmer who knows everything about the area and he will teach you what to eat and where you can find it and how to survive.

During 2 or 4 nights you wil sleep in a base camp with a view over the lower hilltops and the valleys with the sound of different waterfalls and all the sounds from the jungle.

There are no guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, or any other comfortable facilities, its absolutely back to basic.
Your menu is based on what is available in the jungle and your skills to prepare it: fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and sticky rice.

You'll explore 7 of the most extreme waterfalls from the Bolaven Plateau deep hidden in the jungle on a 10.000 Ha Bolaven owned jungle area.
You'll be one with all nature elements
Survival trekking in the jungle from southern Laos
Extreme trekking in southern Laos at the Bolaven Plateau
The base camp deep in the jungle from the Bolaven Plateau in Soutern Laos
Difficulty level.
Its between a trekking and a survival, its absolutely necessarry to be in a good shape.

What to bring with you.
Long pants, shirts with long sleeves, good boots.
Recommended: a sleeping bag, A cold water bottle, swimming pant.

Groups are at least 2 persons but not larger then 4 persons. (special group arrangement possible)
Pick up from Paksong.

You can only make a booking or reservation via this website directly to the Bolaven family who owns this original peace of jungle. Its not possible to book this extreme trekking at any travel agency.

100 USD per group and 20 USD per person per day. (between 28 usd and 37 usd per person per day).

For Laos you need a visa what you can buy at the Thai - Laos border or at Pakse airport. You need a passport what is valid for at least 6 months.
Vaccination advise you can get at your local health center.
MAP from the Bolaven Plateau
Purple dot = Extreme trekking area

map from the Bolaven Plateau in Laos
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Extreme trekking in Laos at the Bolaven Plateau near Paksong
7 different water falls on private owned jungle at the Bolaven Pateau
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Extreme trekking in Laos wallpaper
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