Paksong, cool town with hot coffee
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Paksong, Lao Coffee Capital
Paksong is the Lao Coffee Capital from Laos and is located at the Bolaven Plateau at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level.


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Paksong Activities                                Paksong, the Lao Coffee Capital

Coffee plantations in Paksong area
There, in the halcyon days of French colonialism, the Arabica coffee plant was introduced and there it has continued to thrive. 
The combination of factors including perfect soil and high altitude and climate make for some of the best tasting coffee in the world.
The Climate in Paksong and the Bolaven Plateau
Laos Coffee berry from Paksong, the Coffee Capital at the Bolaven Plateau
Lao Coffee from Paksong, the Coffee Capital
Young arabica trees in a coffee plantation, real coffee laos
Famous around the world.
Just fifty kilometers up a smooth and gradual quiet road from the southern Lao city of Pakse lies the small town of Paksong, the center of coffee growing in Laos, the Lao Coffee Capital.

Paksong is an easy and fun ride by rented motorbike or by one of the many trucks and buses that go all day over the gradual rolling rises of countryside, flanked by small villages on both sides of the road, with occasional places selling bananas, pineapples and handicrafts until at last you reach the altitude of 1300 meters on the rich dark soil of an ancient, extinct volcano.

5000 families
In the Paksong district are 5000 families envolved with coffee farming, they live around Paksong and all families do their shopping at the market and the little specialized shops in Paksong. Some family coffee traders moved permanent from the district into the village Paksong.
Climate (rainy season)
Night temperatures around 18 degrees. day temperatures between 22 and 24 degrees. During rainfall the temperature can drop to 18 degrees.
Coffee workshop.
Special for the coffee minded travellers, see how coffee grows and learn how you can wok roast Coffee.. at home!
Paksong Coffee Tour.
A highly informative coffee tour in the Lao Coffee Capital.
Guest Houses.
On your way to Paksong and in Paksong are some good guesthouses.
Best cup of coffee in the world
Paksong is a special place in Laos where you can enjoy the best cup of coffee in the world, visit an organic coffee farm and see how the Lao people live and work.  There's a market on the left side of the big town square, about 400 meters deep by 200 meters wide, with people selling every kind of vegetable, chicken and fish. You can have a lunch of noodles and vegetables and browse the stalls.
Online Coffee Shop.
Buy your organic grown farmtrade coffee in the fairest way, online and direct from 1 of the 5000 Bolaven families in Paksong.
Hilltribe ladies sell exotic plants and roots from the nearby mountains.  
Travel Info.
Motorbike, bus and flight information to and from Paksong.
Because of the fluctuating ground levels between 700 and 1300 meters there are a lot of waterfalls.
Little villages
Once you are in Paksong you can stay at a small guest house. You can take a motorbike with friends down many of the nearby rural roads and see very interesting little villages and the friendly people who live there.

You can meet local people and spend time with them, just on the strength of your own personality.
They will be curious about you, shy, but interested. You can have special, memorable encounters like nowhere else.

The world has not caught up with Paksong and that's a good thing.  Its still rich in local people living their lives on the farms and plantations.

Coffee Picking Seizon in Paksong:
Arabica : November - December
Robusta : Last week Januari - Februari
100% pure Laos Coffee
Fresh picked Laos Coffee berries from Paksong
Hilltribe ladies at the Paksong Market
Buy your 100% pure organic arabica coffee from Paksong online
Travel Information Pakse - Paksong - Tat Lo, Attapeu
Waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau around Paksong
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Guest houses in Paksong in the middle of Laos Coffee farms
ATM info southern Laos, Bolaven Plateau
ATM machine in southern Laos
ATM's in Southern Laos :

Nowadays we get more ATM's everywhere.
But, its not a bad idea to bring some valuta with you
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Paksong is sometimes spelled as Pakxong, Paksan, Pakson, Pakxson or Paxong and is located at the Bolaven Plateau what is sometimes spelled as Bolovens Plateau, Boloven Plateau, Bolaven Plateaux in the province of Champasak, Champasack or Champasac in Southern Laos or Southern Lao.
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Free wifi in Paksong, southern Laos, Bolaven Plateau
Free WiFi in Paksong, Laos at the Bolaven Plateau
At the edge of Tat Fane Waterfall is a free WiFi Zone